MHT 500
Mobile Hydroponic Trailer

MHT 500 Mobile Hydroponic Trailer

The future of Mobile, Hydroponic, Controlled Environmental Agriculture (CEA) has arrived 

  • Grow 500 of your own super-fresh lettuce, greens, microgreens, and herbs on the go.
  • Renting but want a decent size garden? This may be the product for you.
  • Have specialty diet requirements but can’t get the items locally. Grow your own.
  • No room for a garden at your home or the only space is not in sunlight.
  • Create a farmer’s market business and “bring the farm to the market
  • Great for survivalists. Fit out with the off-road and off-grid packages to grow anywhere.

The mighty mini MHT 500 is great for the hobbyist, survivalist, or renters

  • Cost: $34,911
  • Maintenance: Minimal
  • Key feature: Best for home growers or survivalists that want to take their greens off-road
  • Includes: 
    • R 21 insulated 5×10 Trailer (50 sq. ft.)
    • NFT hydroponics system capable of growing up to 500 plants ( 71 plants per week ongoing)
    • Nursery area
    • 40-gallon reservoir nutrient tank
    • LED lighting -BIOS Icarus™ LLi 
    • Northern Air mini-split HVAC system
    • Central Dehumidifier
    • Central Humidifier
  • Overall Height: 7’10” ( This unit will fit in a standard garage)
  • Interior height: 5′ 6″
  • Base area: 5′ W x 10′ L
  • Best for Lettuce, Greens, micro greens, and Herbs ( can be modified with optional equipment to grow a multitude of crops)
  • Cool factor: A turnkey mobile lettuce factory that allows you to take your greens with you anywhere on the planet! Need we say more on that? Awesome for renters or anyone not sure where they are settling down yet. Just load up and take the garden with you…or sell it.
  • Meh (Cons): Farmoponics doesn’t yet have an in-stock turnkey marijuana growing system yet ( need to custom build/order one) Hmmm, what are the implications of taking that much weed across borders into non-legal states anyway?

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