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About us

We are a family-run local farm. We grow all our produce indoors hydroponically in a state-of-the-art CEA facility in North West section of Toms River. We deliver Fresh, Local, and Delicious produce to local customers and businesses in Toms River and surrounding areas.

We recognize that our world is changing. More of us than ever are now living in tightly populated, urban areas, and we started to see an increasing demand for locally grown and sustainably produced food. You want to know the story behind the meal on our plates. 

Our climate is continuing to evolve and change. Extreme weather conditions are becoming more common; valuable farmland is eroding and water is becoming tainted with agricultural chemicals or more scarce due to climate change. Large-scale food production and distribution companies have had a significant impact on the earth’s ecosystem, and it’s continuing to affect our water and biodiversity.

You want your food to be fresh and full of nutrients, not pre-packaged and shipped from hundreds, or even thousands of miles away. The best way to know if your produce is clean and safe is to know your farmer. You can’t be sure of the safety of the produce that is grown elsewhere, or the sprays, chemicals, or contamination that may be on them. Buying food from, and knowing, your local farmer is the only answer to eating the best and safest possible produce.

We recognized this and started growing locally indoors 3 years ago. You may have seen our “little lettuce factory” at the local farmer’s markets in Brick or Seaside Park. Growing indoors 24/7/365 enables us to provide ultimate control and transparency in all operations from seed to harvest and provides you with the certainty that you are receiving produce grown through the best and safest agricultural practices available. 

Thank you for buying local and supporting our family business.

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