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Frequently Asked Questions

Farmoponics is super local, Right here in Toms River. We deliver extremely fresh produce, usually within 1 hour of harvest. We are committed to fighting food waste by growing only what our customers order. 10% of our crops are delivered to local food banks serving Toms River area weekly.

1. See if we service your zip code. 2. Select a prepackaged plan, make a custom plan, or shop direct.  All subscriptions are offered weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly and auto-renew until canceled. Customize, pause, edit, or change your order and info on your account page anytime. 4. Checkout and order $32 or more to get FREE local delivery to the zip codes in our service area.

We deliver to Toms River and the surrounding areas. See our area map and zip code list.

Even though we prefer customers to sign up for a subscription based plan to help us define exactly what we should be growing to avoid any waste we are not a CSA. A CSA is Consumer Supported Agriculture. CSA’s are usually driven by local traditional farmers and serve a small circle of customers who pay up front for a share ( and risk) of the farmers seasonal crops at various time throughout the year. Crops vary from season to season and yields are dependent on weather and climate. Customers may end up paying for a crop share that simply is no longer coming due to climate or other issues and there is usually no money back guarantee or recourse. We offer our items 24/7/365 throughout the year.

We offer our produce items at wholesale pricing to local restaurants, catering halls, and other local establishments. Pricing varies depending on the quantity, item, size, and special requests or custom requirements. As a guide, wholesale prices are approximately 50% off the retail prices listed in the shop. Learn more here.

We prefer customers to sign up for a subscription based plan to help us define exactly what we should be growing to avoid any waste. However you do need to be a subscriber and can choose to make a custom one time purchase or add one time purchase to a subscription account at any time. One time purchase recipients receive one time use recyclable packaging and do not get free use of our reusable storage containers and cooler bags. 

The price will depend on your selection. You can select a pre-bundled or custom personalized subscription or make a one-time purchase. Our current most popular subscription is our Spring mix, delivered bi-weekly, ~ $32.84 every 2 weeks

We currently deliver subscriptions every Tuesday and Fridays between 5-7pm depending on when your order was placed. All other orders placed before 12pm are usually sent out the same day for delivery between 5-7pm. 

According to town ordinances, we do not have enough parking spaces for pickup at either of our farm or corporate office locations, so we currently do not offer a pickup option. However, you can pickup many of our items from Natural Foods on rt 37 in Toms River.

Yes, for customers who make a one time purchase who do not get free use of our cooler bags that keep your items cool in summer and warmer in winter. It would be advisable to have someone get your delivered items left for you and bring them in and store in the fridge.

No, for subscribers who get free use of our storage containers, cool packs and cooler bags that keep items temperature controlled for up to 6 hours in the heat of summer or freezing temperatures of the winter.

Yes, You can skip, pause or cancel subscriptions anytime in your account.

All of the nutrients we use to feed our plants are natural and organic because our customers want it that way. However, we chose specifically not to go through the added expense to get certification from the USDA. We don’t believe organic is worth it.  Organic vs. hydroponics is a science vs religion battle that continues and perhaps some vegetables grown organic is the way to go, but when it comes to lettuce and leafy greens the science is in- Hydroponically grown produce is safer, healthier and the agricultural practices are better for the environment. Hydroponic plants are grown in nutrient solutions indoors, completely free from chemicals and pesticides making them much safer. Lettuce and leafy green plants grown in Hydroponics have better nutritional value. It has been proven that vitamin content is 50% more in hydroponically grown plants as compared to conventional ones. 

Hydroponics is the technique of growing plants using a water-based nutrient solution rather than soil. Hydroponics offers many advantages over current traditional and organic growing techniques, Higher yield, more nutrient dense, less water, more growth control, regional diversity, less or no toxins and pathogens, and no pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides. Brief history of Hydroponics.

Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) is an advanced and intensive form of hydroponically-based agriculture where plants grow within a controlled environment to optimize horticultural practices. Growing indoors allows us to grow high-quality lettuce, leafy greens, microgreens, and herbs free of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and other agricultural chemicals. This also allows us to meet the local need for lettuce and greens year-round regardless of weather or climate issues.

What Subscribers receive

Dependent on your selections, most subscription plans contain 4 storage containers overflowing with fresh delicious greens. We ship all your selections as full heads or bunches, so they stay fresh longer. Unlike store-bought bags or clamshell lettuce where you, get what you get, in the mix, you can custom mix your fresh ingredients dependent on your own salad recipe or mood for that day.

(1) 4 Liter, container of lettuce and/or leafy greens
Mirlo Butterhead lettuce
(1) 4 Liter, container of lettuce and/or leafy greens
(1) 4 Liter, container of lettuce and/or leafy greens
Leafy greens
(1) 2.5 Liter, container of mixed greens, herbs or micro greens

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