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Aji Charapita Pepper


approx. 10

(10) Aji Charapita Peppers (Capsicum chinense)

Aji Charapitas are tiny, flavorful, fiery pea-sized peppers!  These delicious little peppers have sweet, citrus tones and are about the same heat level as the Cayenne Pepper or 30,000-50,000 Scoville heat units. Also known as the Wild Peruvian Chili Pepper and until recently was only grown in Peru, specifically the Amazon rainforest regions of Loreto and Ucayli. They are rare, expensive, and adored by gourmet and famous chefs around the world. 


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No GMO Seeds, No Fungicides, No Pesticides, No Herbicides

Delivered fresh within an hour of harvest.

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