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Premium, Delicious, Greens, Grown right in your neighborhood

Our Farm offers an assortment of organic, hydroponically grown lettuce, leafy greens, mustard greens, microgreens, edible flowers, and a few specialty and seasonal items.

Our greens are delivered daily within 1 hour of harvest!      Now That’s fresh!

Choose Products

Select one of our pre-filled subscription plans, make your own custom subscription plan, or make a one-time order a la carte from over 30 + products in our shop. We are always expanding and experimenting

One time Purchase or Start a Subscription

Order a Subscription Plan and get coupons, discounts, and freebies like extra nutritious, lettuce, greens, microgreens, edible flowers, and specialty items delivered with your order between 5-7 pm M-F. Same-day delivery for most orders.

Flexible plans

Order extra items at any time, change your delivery schedule or produce items, skip, pause, or cancel through your account. We also offer items wholesale to local retailers and restaurants.

Some of our products

Choose from over 30+ lettuce, leafy greens, micro greens & specialty products.

What locals are saying

Butter crunch, Bib, Nancy, Rex, or Mirlo, all are fresh and taste great. My favorite is the Buttercrunch with its sweet taste, followed by Nancy with a thicker and darker leaf. Whichever you choose it will burst with flavor in your mouth.

Cheryl, Toms River

The most fresh and delicious lettuce/greens I’ve had. The flavor doesn’t compare to store-bought greens- I can eat a salad with Farmoponics greens and not need dressing. Amazing.

Renee, Toms River

I highly recommend Farmoponics as a local business of absolutely the best-tasting combination of greens! it lasts longer than store-bought greens. Although I eat salad every day and the taste of this one gets better each day!!! It’s a definite try and well worth it!!! Hands down!!

Blaisa, Toms River

Best lettuce my family ever had! Period.  They don’t deliver to Manahawkin yet, but they worked it out for me and a few of my workmates to deliver to our place of work in Toms River.

Todd, Manahawkin

Farmoponics greens are by far the best I’ve had! It’s amazing the difference from the store-bought brand. If I could give them 10 stars I would. I highly recommend them!

Dawn Wall

My family and I purchased the freshest hydroponic lettuce we could find locally and did a taste test comparison. We made three of the same salads and we all agreed without a doubt that the Farmoponics lettuce was, by far, more fresh and flavorful than the others. I would highly recommend.

Dr. Henry, Toms River

The flavor is astounding! I use less than half the amount of dressing I used to use. Made a cobb salad with 4 different lettuce, some greens, and added fresh basil, and mint, like my grandma used to do. Insane flavors bursting in my mouth!

Mark, Toms River

This could be the best lettuce on Earth! I was so impressed with the taste and freshness. I recommend Farmoponics without a doubt to all my family and friends!

Dan, Manahawkin

Why you'll Love us!

Fresh ingredients

Truly fresh ingredients have more flavor, nutrients and can lead to a healthier lifestyle. No need to dig to the bottom of the produce pile to find the “freshest” picks. Eat better than local restaurant quality salads right at home.

Farmoponics uses the very best indoor hydroponic farming technologies to grow the highest quality crops year-round and deliver them to your door within an hour of harvest. That’s fresh!

Fertilizer and Pest control

Controlled Environmental Agriculture (CSA) provides the perfect growing conditions to grow the healthiest, most nutrient-dense crops. We don’t use soil so we don’t get bugs or critters. We never use chemical pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides, and use organic, nutrients, and seeds.


Farmoponics takes safety very seriously and grows in a sterile environment. All our employees use personal protective equipment (PPE) while in the cultivation and seeding areas.

No wasted produce

You order items and we grow replacements so you can get your order without waiting for your crops to grow like a traditional CSA. There’s no middleman, which means No delivery issues,  backroom storage time, increased prices, or shelf time. We only grow what our collective subscribers and local retailers and restaurants want, which strategically optimizes our grow space while limiting crop waste and spoilage. We always grow a surplus to anticipate new customers and donate the rest to local families in need through local not-for-profit organizations.

Better than carbon neutral


Sustainability and Social Impact are at the forefront of our operations. Farmoponics estimates that we are carbon neutral as of January 12, 2023. We plan to be certified Carbon neutral by the end of 2024. How do we do it? We only deliver hyper-local to cut costs to you and the environment. We use reusable growing and delivery items. We recapture, filter, and reuse 100% of all system water and offset our electric usage with solar panels and a battery backup generator.

Eco & Earth Friendly

Our grow system uses 95% less water than traditional agriculture. Our plants grow in a controlled environment run by highly efficient heating & cooling units, under the highest-efficiency LED lighting. Our facilities are sealed and insulated better than current building code standards. All our crop water is reverse osmosis filtered and all humidity and condensation water is reclaimed, filtered and reused. Our nutrients, fertilizers, and seed starter pods are organic, all-natural, earth friendly, and biodegradable.

Reusable containers and equipment

We deliver your items in sterilized, sustainable, reusable commercial grade containers & packaging. Our main grow containers, media and trays are all sterilized and reused. 

Made in America!

Almost all of the items used to construct and run our facility were sourced, manufactured, and assembled in the USA! We only use a few electronic items that were not available stateside.

We bring the Farm to the market with our custom, one of a kind, little lettuce factory and offer the freshest harvest experience available! Look for us at your local Farmer’s Markets. 

2023 Farmers Market locations

See us at one of the local farmer’s markets and try out some of our delicious greens!

  • Brick Farmer Market – Every Saturday, May 6 – September 30 at Windward Beach Park, Princeton Avenue. 8:30 am-1:30 pm.
  • Manchester Farmers Market – Every Thursday, May 24 – August 31 at Manchester Town Hall parking lot. 10 am-2:00 pm

BEST Lettuce in the neighborhood.

Farmoponics grows the freshest, most delicious, and nutrient-dense lettuce, leafy, and micro greens around.

Hydroponically grown in Toms River with zero chemical herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, or GMO seeds. Harvested within hours of delivery to provide the absolute freshest produce.

“Wow, this was the Best Lettuce I’ve ever had!” Once you’ve tasted our products you’ll know what our customers know.

Check out our new Box O' Greens!


We’re always looking for ways to deliver our greens sustainably. This box is more Earth-friendly than the plastic clamshells we used to use. Each box holds up to 8 medium-sized heads vs. 1 head per clamshell which accounts for less waste right up front. The PET window plastic is recyclable vs. traditional PVC ones, and the compostable box is made from moisture-resistant clay-coated paperboard.

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